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Account Managers & Rahav Media Managers

Orit Eschinasi Baranes

Orit was born in Ra’anana, but her soul will forever be Tel Avivian.
After her army service in the field of training, she graduated with a degree in communications and management from the College of Management. After her graduation, she managed the largest modeling agency in Israel, through which she became acquainted with the PR world, the field in which she works for over 15 years.
Over the years, Orit worked in the marketing field, as director of marketing in Adika and in the Golf Group. Orit has deep knowledge and experience in Public Relations and over the years she has led the PR of the leading brands in Israel in the fields of fashion, consumer products, hotels, and marketing industries. She led the penetration efforts of multiple international brands to Israel.
In Rahav Communications, She mostly deals with International and Israeli brands from the fashion, consumer products and marketing industries.
Orit has infinite energy. She loves the sea, the sand and matkot, sports, mind sport, hiking in nature, and discovering new places in the world.


Hila Atoon

Hila is 33 and born in Holon. She was intrigued by the Communications from a young age and also studied it in high school. During her time at the IDF, she was part of HR for two years, and upon her release she went on to study Communications at the college of Management. 

She held various positions in a PR firm before joining Rahav Communications 4 years ago. Hila takes care of mostly fashion accounts, but is also responsible for tourism, hospitality and lifestyle.

“In my free time, I really enjoy Pilates. It makes me feel so lean and relaxed, especially when you have a hectic job. It is the perfect release to stretch and take a breath before starting your day”


Tzachi Dahan

Tzahi is 33 years old and was born in Petach Tikva. While serving at the IDF, he spent 3 years at The Air Force at Tel Nof base. After the army he studied advertising and PR at the Kirya Academit Ono.

After graduation, he worked for a PR firm for three years. Two years ago, he started working at Rahav Communications, where he works on all kinds of accounts: from food & beverages to lifestyle to fashion, he takes care of it all. Tzahi is an expert in organizing large conferences and conventions.

“In my free time I absolutely love to travel, I think it’s essential to broaden your culture and get to know different people. My favorite country is Spain, more specifically Madrid, because of the warm energy and the nice people”


Itay Levinshtein

Itay Levenstein is 22 and originally from Kfar Saba.

He served in the IDF at the Spokesperson Unit and served in several core positions, including command and management of the local and sectoral communications field, dealing with Military-Society relations of the IDF Command, and he was also serving as a spokesperson for the Hebron Division.

Itay has been in Corporate Event Planning for two years and has planned events both in Israel and abroad with the leading production company MPlive. He is now an Account Manager at Ran Rahav Communications and mostly deals with accounts in real estate, automobiles, hi-tech, fintech and finance.

“I am an avid culinary lover. I love travelling to explore and taste new flavors in different restaurants.”


Ariel Grossman

Mike has a B.A in education and studies for his M.A in international journalism at the university of MGIMO

Mike has an experience of 15 years in the field of journalism and digital management for public companies, high tech and politics. Among other things, Mike worked as a sectorial digital manager for Israeli parliament member Yitzhak Herzog from the Israeli “Avoda” Party, Digital manager for “Kahol Lavan” Party and parliament member Benny Gantz, spokesperson for LG, and more. Joined Rahav Media in 2021.

Mike works with various clients: from the largest event house in Israel and leading brands and companies in Israel.





Maxim Estrin

Maxim Estrin is 37 years old, from Ramat Gan, married and a father.

He has been working for Rahav Communications as Client and Campaign Manager for the past 5 years. Maxim likes to be proficient in every aspect of his profession, so he decided to take a number of courses to help him be a better employee: a social media management course and a PPC course at the New Media College. He also followed a copywriting course at A.C.C College. Maxim also has an academic background in communications – a bachelor’s degree in Politics and Political Communication from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College. He also has an MA in Political Media from Bar Ilan University. He did his military service in the Artillery Force as a combat fighter. 

In his spare time, he likes to watch shows and series on Netflix series and in his Spotify you can only find rap music, as well as some reggae and dubstep.


Arsen Daniel

Came to Israel in 1991. Bezalel graduate. Has been working as an art director and creative director in Israel, Russia, Latvia and Germany, at the leading advertising agencies like Saatchi&Saatchi or Publicis.

The portfolio includes hundreds of global campaigns, in advertising, marketing, branding, digital. Among the grateful clients are Louis Vuitton, Wendy’s, Gallery Gmurzynska, MTS, WIZO International, and so on. Speaks 5 languages. In addition, he is a well-known journalist, artist, illustrator and radio presenter.


Sophie Maxine carmon

Sophie is 21 years old, from Tel-Aviv. Honorary graduate of her High School’s film department – Tichonet Alterman. Served in the Israeli National Service in the Ministry of Aliya and Integration in Ben Gurion Airport. Sophie is now completing her Bachelors Degree in Film and Television in Tel Aviv University, and as part of the exclusive Scriptwriting department. Sophie was on the Dean’s list for 2020, and received a scholarship.

Sophie runs several social media pages, participated in digital campaigns for “Shlomit” National Service NGO, and has translated a number of books and articles.

Sophie is Israeli-American, fluent in both Hebrew and English. Sophie excels in creative writing and enjoys writing screenplays in her spare time as well as part of her university projects.



Tamar Stein

Tamar Stein, 35, lives in Tel Aviv and originally from Eilat..

Tamar served in the Navy of as a reservist.

Tamar studied for a bachelor’s degree in “creative and production culture” at Sapir College and comes from the field of social and writing.

In Rahav Media, Tamar manages customer portfolios in the social department.

Tamar loves culture, fashion, summer and traveling in Israel and around the world.




Noam Vanunu

Noam Vanunu, 22 years old, lives in Ramat Hen neighborhood in Ramat Gan.

Noam has served 3 years in the IDF Spokesperson unit, 2 years of which in several significant spokesperson positions in the intelligence corps, including:

Spokesperson of unit 9900 (a unit which includes the satellite, drones and mapping activity of the IDF), spokesperson of Unit 504 (agent operation unit). In addition, he has served in the spokesperson department for the operational activity of the intelligence corps and the IDF.

After that, extended his service for another year as the Head of Bureau for the Head of Communications Department in the IDF Spokesperson unit.

Noam is a real estate broker (authorized by the Ministry of Justice), with a background in accountancy and has knowledge in several programming languages.

In “Rahav Media” Noam is mainly responsible for clients from the fields of real estate, capital market and health.

“I like to travel the world, riding collectors and sports vehicles, playing tennis and sitting at cafes with friends”


Linor Noy

20 years old, lives in Tel Aviv, originally from Carmi’el

Linor did her military service in the IDF spokesperson unit and has served in several key positions in the Israeli Northern Command, including spokesperson at the Northern Command headquarters and spokesperson for the 188th Armored Corps Division. Then she went on and worked for the army for several additional months as Vice Commander of inner communications in the unit.

Immediately after she finished her service, Linor joined Rahav Media and works with clients from various fields: music, culture, consumers, lifestyle, food & beverage and more.

Linor loves traveling and discovering new places in Israel and around the world, and in her free time likes watching movies.


Yuval Porat

21 years old, born and raised in Modi’in and currently lives in Tel Aviv

Yuval had a rewarding military service in the IDF spokesperson unit and worked in several key positions in the Israeli communications department. Among her responsibilities in the job, she was in charge of communicational operation of military events in all fronts and also of planning, building and executing cross-organizational communicational moves in the Israeli media.

In Rahav Media, Yuval works with leading clients in the Israeli market, in various fields including real estate, the capital market, the car market, culture and more.

She spends her free time mainly maintaining a sporty lifestyle and dining at Tel Aviv’s finest restaurants.


Adele Markovitz

Adele was born and raised in Tel Aviv, married to Moran and mother to Lian, Sa’ar and Ben. She did her military service as a commander and instructor in the IDF’s most prestigious units, among which are the Sayeret Matcal unit, Pilot Course, 669, Shaldag, submarines and more.

She has a B.A in communications and Business Administration from the College of Management.

Adele has an experience of more than 15 in the spokesperson and PR field. Along the years she has worked with a wide variety of clients from the fields of high tech, technology, real estate, Academy career, insurance, education, and culture.

In her last position at the spokesperson department of the Tel Aviv Municipality she was in charge of education, engineering, business, city-world and tourism, municipal applications and the “Digi-Tel” resident card.

In her free time she likes running, Pilates, hiking in nature and an enthusiast of good wines.


אילון בדר

אילון בדר נולד וגדל בכרמי יוסף.
בשנת השירות היה מדריך נוער בסיכון בתנועת הנוער המכבי הצעיר, ובצבא שירת כלוחם ביחידת אגוז.
לאחר הצבא עבר להתגורר בירושלים, עבד במחלקת הדוברות של מפלגת קדימה, למד לתואר בפוליטיקה ותקשורת ועבד בחדר המצב של משרד החוץ בירושלים.
בהמשך עבר לתל אביב, החל לעבוד בתחום יחסי הציבור וצבר ניסיון של שש שנים בעבודה בחברות יחסי ציבור, בדגש על תחומי הנדל”ן, שוק ההון והתחבורה.
עם הצטרפותו ל”רהב תקשורת” החל לטפל בתחום ההיי טק והטכנולוגיה, בשוק ההון ובתחום הקנאביס הרפואי.
גר כיום ביפו, אוהב את הטיילת, הים ומסלולי האופניים בעיר.
“אחרי העבודה אני אוהב לשחות, במים יש הרבה שקט וזו המדיטציה שלי. אני אוהב מאוד לטייל, וחייב להגיע לכל מקום חדש שאני קורא או שומע עליו”


Ben Ozer​

שירת במשך שלוש שנים בחיל השלישות כראש לשכת ראש הענף האמונה על תקני החיל, הכספים ומערכות המידע.

עבודתו כללה ניהול הלו״ז הענפי והאישי של ראש הענף, עבודה מול גורמים צבאיים רבים וחוץ צבאיים שונים.

בן סטודנט ללימודי תואר ראשון בפקולטה לניהול באוניברסיטה הפתוחה.

עובד ברן רהב תקשורת החל מ-2018, כחלק מצוות הלשכה ועוסק באופן שוטף בתיקי לקוחות המשרד, בלו״ז של יו״ר ומנכ״ל החברה ובניהול פרוייקטים שונים.

״אני מאוד אוהב את עולם התעופה והמטוסים , אוהב לטייל בארץ ובעולם ובזמני הפנוי אני אוהב לשבת עם חברים בבתי קפה ומסעדות”.


Ziv Abramovich

Ziv was born and raised in Modiin Maccabim Reut.

Served in the IDF Home Front Command as a rescue and rescue instructor – training reservists and fighters in their regular service on the use of rescue tools to rescue people in earthquakes and natural disasters.

Ziv is a part of the secretariat staff and regularly deals with client files, the schedule of the firm’s chairman and more.

In her free time she likes to read and spend time with family and friends.


Hili Arie

חלי ניהלה במשך כשנתיים משרד עורכי דיו מוביל ובין היתר עסקה בניהול לוחות זמנים מורכבים, טיפול וקשר שוטף עם מאות לקוחות המשרד וכן עמדה בראש צוות מזכירות המשרד.

בנוסף, ניהלה את מחלקת המכירות והאירועים בחברה העוסקת באירועים פרטיים ועסקיים. חלי עסקה בניהול צוות המכירות, סגירת עסקאות פרונטליות וליוותה וניהלה את האירועים בזמן אמת.

ב״רהב תקשורת״ חלי הינה חלק מצוות המזכירות ועוסקת באופן שוטף בתיקי הלקוחות, בלו״ז של יו״ר המשרד ועוד.

את זמנה הפנוי חלי מקדישה לספורט ולמשפחה.


Ethel Azeroual

Ethel Azeroual, 21, was born in Paris and currently lives in Jerusalem.

Ethel served in the IDF as a spokesperson for a significant unit and served in a number of significant positions, including beginning with the Home Front Command as spokesperson for the Southern District of Jerusalem, and then advancing as spokesperson to the Intelligence Division and becoming the 9900 Intelligence Division Spokesperson.

After completing her service as IDF Spokesman, Ethel continued to serve permanently in the Intelligence Division in positions of influence over the Palestinian sector.

At Rahav Communications, Ethel deals with the fashion department.

Ethel devotes her free time to her friends and family and usually enjoys going to the beach or restaurants in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.