Rani Rahav was a guest on "Patriots" and snapped: "Shut up, fascist"

An interesting guest arrived today (Tuesday) on Channel 14’s “Patriots” program – Rabbi Rani Rahab, who is one of the biggest critics of the current government and of Channel 14 itself. Already at the beginning of the program, during a discussion about the IDF’s enforcement policy In Judea and Samaria towards Arabs and Jews, a sharp confrontation developed between the guest and the panelist Yotam Zamri.


It started with the screening of the interview of Limor Member of Knesset Son Har Melech, who said that “I think there is the spirit of the commander here. The Minister of Defense, in my eyes, does not represent a right-wing policy, but the opposite. I think that on the ground we see harsh enforcement against Jews.”

Rahab wanted to respond to these words of the Knesset member, but Zamri preceded him and said: “Lower your head when you talk about a terrorist widow, don’t talk, shut up.” The publicist responded: “She has no right to talk about Defense Minister Galant, who is a hero of Israel, one of the best that was here” and added: “You lower your head when you talk about a hero of Israel.” Defense Minister? You are a fascist.”

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