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Rahav investor relations

Rahav Investor Relations provides IR services – consulting and strategy for public companies traded on the stock exchange, accompanying stock market issues, crisis management and more.

Our goal is to communicate the company’s strategy, business activities and growth engines and bring them into proper and accurate expression in the company’s analysis among the capital market community. In doing so, we help the company maximize value, increase marketability in the company’s stock and raise capital if necessary while maintaining full transparency and creating a relationship of trust with investors.

All of this, as well as combining public relations and optimal positioning of the company and its leaders. We accompany the company and represent its management to investment managers, analysts, and decision makers in a variety of entities in the capital market to strengthen the relationship with them, optimally expose the company and increase awareness of its activities while emphasizing its competitive advantages.

Our company sees great value in the winning combination of its activities in the field of investor relations and public relations. In doing so, the Rahav Communications Group sharpens its value proposition to its customers and enables them to influence their operating markets while utilizing all the resources and arenas available to them.

Rahav Investor Relations is managed by a veteran team in the capital market and public relations:


Tali Tuval, CEO of Rahav Investor Relations, also serves as Senior Vice President of Rahav Communications, with extensive experience in the capital market and investor relations in Israel, having held senior positions in Investor Relations, a leading holding group in the capital market and the Rahav Communications Group for the past 4 years.


Hadas Friedman-Zik, Director of Investor Relations at Rahav Investor Relations, has 15 years of experience in strategic consulting and accompanying companies in the field of investor relations and financial communications and in-depth knowledge of the capital market in Israel.

For more information on Investor Relations & other services, please contact us at: +972-3-7188555 or write your contact details: