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media Relations

The relationship between media consultants and speakers with the various media outlets has always been a complex system, with a delicate balance.

What is the difference between media people and media consultants?

On one hand, the media people are looking for the most interesting, important and news stories and on the other hand, the media consultants are looking to present their clients in the best way.

A communications consultant will be educated to build a proper and balanced relationship using the most important tool at his disposal: reliability and transparency first and foremost. It is the most important tool to be nurtured, and from it will arise a flourishment of news stories, true and up-to-date that will be woven along the way, within the relationship that has been forged. Once a journalist feels the cooperation with an ally who understands the story, reflects it to him in a clear and genuine way, he will maintain loyalty to the person in front of him and leave an open door for further creation of collaborations that will serve both parties.

Creating a transparent and open relationship with journalists is important even in the less positive aspects that sometimes arise. Customers who hide and do not disclose information in full, no matter how unpleasant it may be, will encounter partial items that will display only one side of the equation and headlines that could do damage. A transparency-based relationship will most of the time maintain fairness and balance in certain articles that can be portrayed as problematic.

Why media consulting with Rahav Communications?

Rahav Communications, the largest public relations company in Israel, provides service to over 170 organizations, customers and brands, and provides customized media solutions to achieve the customer’s goals and achieve the organization’s goals.

Benefits of Rahav Communications

Rahav Communications has gained a reputation over the years and is known as an expert in storytelling.An expert in telling the right story, to the right journalist and at the right time.

Thanks to this advantage, we have built an excellent relationship with the media and media outlets. Relationships of reliability, transparency and reciprocity with all media outlets – from researchers and producers, through reporters and presenters to editors, CEOs and owners of media outlets on all platforms – television, press, radio, digital and the Internet.

Over the years, Ran Rahav and his professional team have created the strongest connections and relationships  in the Israeli media world. We know the journalists personally, know what is important to each one, what concerns each one personally, and know how to suit him, tailor and mediate the story for him precisely so that he will want to take, publish it and leverage our client. Evidently, thanks to our unique media connections, Rahav Communications has long-standing clients who have been with the firm for decades, and at the same time, thanks to this success, the phone keeps ringing and new clients come to receive guidance and media advice from our offices. Thanks to all these, we have become a reliable and respected source for journalists; we know where the opportunities are and how to tell the right story to the right channel.

Ran Rahav has become the default choice for journalists who contact us for reliable information. Media bodies know that our service is meant in the broadest sense of service and is provided literally 24/7, on holidays, Saturdays and nights – the dedicated staff works around the clock, day and night, diligently and ambitiously, fostering good relationships with the media, combining creativity and immediate response, that leads fruitful and beneficial results with firm clients. The excellent human capital in the firm helps each of its managers develop excellent relationships with the journalists, because at our base we are a company that provides service. Providing excellent service, the work ethic, the fighting spirit and the professionalism of each of the employees, are at the base of the company’s DNA and are assimilated into each and every one of us, fully understanding that the journalists appreciate it and know that we are the first & most reliable address to turn to.

Since Ran Rahav’s office handles powerful groups in the Israeli economy, journalists often turn to us for help because they know that with us they will receive a comprehensive, immediate and effective response in a sense of “several birds with the same stone.” Thanks to our good relations with the media, journalists are more open, containing and receive more openly the messages of our customers, thus helping our customers build a good and fair system of contacts with the various media bodies.

Ran Rahav’s office has connections with journalists in a wide variety of media channels – our office cultivates relationships and treats the local reporter with respect and the same treatment as an editor in a leading news channel, with the understanding that a local reporter / researcher can advance and serve as a key figure in another media outlet. Journalists are thrilled by this and appreciate it, and as evidence, they are willing to do a lot for us and our clients, and are grateful in return for that. Ran Rahav Communications, in its strategy, respects every person as a person, for one day it will come back to us as a “send your bread on the water” test.

When we turn to a TV show with a proposal or initiative, we always remember and make sure to tell the editor her what interests her and not what interests us. We are always involved in the activities of our clients and the bodies we represent, and at the same time are well acquainted with the work of the press, and therefore know how to satisfy the requirements of the media bodies and be at their service quickly and efficiently, at all times. Ran Rahav Communications’ managers have a well-developed journalistic sense that allows them to identify good stories and connect the journalists with us, thus maintaining a normal and beneficial working relationship with the journalists, which is characterized by cooperation and reciprocity.

In conclusion,

Fostering Rahav Communications’ good relationship with the media and media outlets is the magic powder of the company’s success, which the firm’s clients enjoy.


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