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Rahav Communications & Public Relations, the largest and leading company in Israel in the field of public relations and crisis management, has more than 29 years of experience and professional experience.

Professional and quality public relations services are part of the DNA of Rahav Communications & Public Relations. We provide our customers with service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day (even on challenging days like the period of the Corona plague crisis).

The most prominent and significant advantage of Rahav Communications & Public Relations is the company’s relationship with the media bodies. This is a close and long-term relationship with all Israeli media outlets, foreign-language media, publishers, editors, journalists and more.

This relationship helps influence the media agenda, as well as the foreign reporters’ cell in Israel.

What does PR with Rahav Communications include?

• Strategic Media consulting services

• Spokesmanship and public relations

• Crisis management for the largest and leading companies in the Israeli economy

• Crisis management for companies traded on the Israel Stock Exchange

• Crisis management for companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange

• Crisis management for companies traded on the China Stock Exchange

• Crisis management for corporations

• Crisis management for international companies in a wide range.

PR experts in the following areas:

• Tourism

• Transportation & Aviation

• Retail & Consumerism

• Lifestyle

• Fashion

• Cosmetics

• Technology & High-Tech

• Banking

• Healthcare

• Industry & Real Estate

Skills and services of Rahav Communication:

Building a communication strategy

• Translation of the customer’s business strategy into a communication strategy.

• Development of communication messages

• Building a practical action plan in accordance with the goals defined in the communication strategy.

Implementation of the public relations plan

• Production of media-generating events – launches / productions of press conferences.

• Management of press relations in all media channels in Israel

• Initiating items

• Initiating interviews and press briefings

• Writing and distributing press releases

Crisis management

• Forecasting crisis scenarios

• Risk mapping

• Preparation of contingency plans

• Real-time crisis management.

We know how to identify a story and build stories that generate media.

The difference between a good and excellent public relations worker is measured by his ability to identify and create good media stories for the client, to know how to build and tell the stories correctly in order to generate communication and get maximum exposure.

Effective measurement of public relations activity

Public relations activity is not a “scientific” activity that can be measured accurately and therefore, as part of the public relations plan we define with the client the goals of the activity and what will be considered a success in his eyes while coordinating expectations.

At the same time we often use a number of tools available in the market to measure activity. None of them give a complete picture but their use can give an estimate of the effectiveness of an activity, here are some examples of such tools:

Yifat Media Control –

a research service that examines the image of brands in the media. The studies are built according to customer requirements and present opportunities, estimated value for exposure, quality of exposure (positive / negative) and more.

Measuring online conversations –

through external companies such as Makam or Basilla, which offer online conversation measurement services. This service complements Yifat’s services and can provide a picture of the extent of the conversations created around communication moves (Quantitative measurement of online conversations and planned analysis – positive / negative).

In conclusion, Rahav Communications represents a wide range of companies, including Israeli and foreign companies, public and private, and is most experienced in planning and executing large scale messages and public items.

For more information on PR SERVICES & other services, please contact us at: +972-3-7188555 or write your contact details: