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Reputation Building

Building and managing a positive reputation is one of the most important components in building a strategic plan for an individual or a company.

What is reputation?
Reputation is the general impression, perception and opinion on the image of a company, brand or personality and has a great impact on the brand, its exposure and perception as expressed in the media as well as to the effect on the internal organizational conduct of the company.

According to what is a company’s reputation determined?
The actions, moves and conduct of a company are the basis for the reputation it creates for itself, and any change in those has a high ability to have a significant effect on its reputation.

What is the process by which we can convey the message and promote the values that will lead to the right and positive reputation for the company?
The value of a positive reputation has a crucial impact in all areas, so companies invest huge sums in actions and advertising campaigns, which promote the positive reputation, in order to shape and influence customer perception, but alongside all these are a variety of other steps to take in order to increase brand loyalty, brand values and the way in which the company is portrayed externally and in the media.

Reputation is important to be built on a real value base, otherwise it will quickly fade.

The way to build a positive reputation for a company consists of a sequence of several parameters, Ranging from positive interviews and articles in the media, through proper use of social networks, activities of contributing to a community that includes social value alongside activities of interest to the target audience.

The wisdom consists of knowing how to combine and create one complete media mosaic for a strategic plan that includes 360-degree vision in order to build and maintain a positive image over time.

How do you manage negative reputation in the media?
Negative reviews can damage the company’s reputation, which can affect existing or future customers in not choosing a company or brand, thus leading to lost revenue and making it difficult to recruit new customers. This can become a media snowball, especially in the fast-paced age of online and extensive social media platforms.
Any negative mention associated with the company has a direct impact on its reputation and credibility and the media has the ability to influence the entire subject for positive or negative.

Offline and online responses have a great impact on the company’s reputation, which requires immediate treatment, answers and quick responses in the various media outlets, including social media.

About company reputation management and reputation crisis
Company reputation management and media reputation crisis management begins with a rapid response to negative and prepared responses with a correct and accurate answer to any scenario, and a quick ability to deal with the consequences and results.

Recovery from crisis
Recovery from a crisis requires investment in a comprehensive and broad strategy for reputation management in the media.
Even a company with a positive reputation needs constant maintenance in the media for its various benefits, in order to maintain its values and leadership in the field. In a competitive world where there is almost an unlimited supply to consumers and communication platforms are fixed or even reduced, it is important to produce a leading media company. This requires the creation of innovative content, the use of content that attracts attention and will promote the positive image of the company over time, initiating, creating and promoting activities and transformative moves, which will be covered by the various media outlets and lead to extensive media coverage. It is important to promote in the media the leaders of the company’s services and products and to emphasize the quality and service experience of the company.

Vigilance, identification, consistent tracking and immediate response to both negative and positive mentions of the brand or company in all media – print press, online, various social networking platforms, blogs and television and full involvement in what is published in the media, will provide an opportunity to convey the messages as the company wants them presented In the media. Consistent tracking of mentions will make it possible to manage the company’s reputation in an efficient and effective manner

Audit management should be an immediate response and a complex process of thinking right for the company: what are the right messages as we want to be perceived and appear in the media? As well as a proposal for an appropriate solution that will resolve the crisis, while promoting in the media the positive sides on which the company gained its positive reputation.
Reputation management is the building of a customized strategy for a brand / company over time and in a stable manner, in a way that will shape and influence it in the media.

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