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Strategic Planning

The Formulation and planning of a media strategy for an organization of any kind is a basic and especially important step in the conduct of a company in a modern media and digital environment.

How do you formulate a communication strategy?

The communication strategy that Rahav Communications’ executives build for the company’s clients is based on in – depth research conducted together with the key personnel in the organization and relies on extensive sources of information and rich experience.

Identifying and formulating strategic goals

The first step in formulating the communication strategy for your organization begins with identifying and formulating the goals for the organization. Whether it is promoting a multitude of services, “pushing” a product into the public consciousness, market education, positioning well in the eyes of investors or positioning the company as an authority in its field of activity – clear goals and objectives must be decided together, which will serve the communication strategy formulated for the organization.

Target audiences

Immediately after formulating the goals for the strategic plan, the target audiences to which we are aiming should be identified and formulated for the desired objectives to be achieved. Identifying and formulating target audiences is a critical step in planning the organization’s communication strategy. Although it is possible to act simultaneously in several channels to achieve different goals, it is important to identify in time for each of them, which is the most relevant audience to which we are addressing.

Messages – What is the story we want to tell?

Once we have identified the target audiences that the organization is addressing in its media strategy, in order to achieve the goals we have set before it, the most critical step in formulating the media strategy is to write the “story of the organization” and create a reserve stock of messages for each target audience we set for ourselves.
The messages we formulate will suit each of the target audiences and will serve the strategic goals that we set for ourselves at the beginning of the journey in all the media activities (and in all the marketing aspects) of the organization.

Communication strategy as part of the organization’s marketing strategy

The messages of the organization must adapt themselves to each of the audiences and goals in all areas of marketing activity, and not just in the media. All of the messages the organization communicates must speak in a uniform language and not contradict each other, an unwanted situation that can lead to the collapse of the strategy and failure to achieve the goals. Therefore, the executives at Rahav Communications consider themselves an integral and extremely important part of the company’s marketing team. We must know how to be involved in the various marketing decisions and contribute our experience to ensure that all of the organization’s marketing activities will work in synergy with each other and serve the common goals and objectives.

Planning and formulating a strategy – once and for all?

Make no mistake, a company’s media strategy is not determined once and determines a company’s media conduct forever; On the contrary.
Long-term strategic planning requires a high level of awareness of the dynamics and evolving media environment and proficiency in the business arena and areas of activity of the organization while constantly shifting, revisiting, and upgrading the process.

Familiarity with the business work environment and awareness of changes in the media – a necessary condition for a winning strategy

The initial strategy that is built for the customers is a solid foundation for the company’s management, but it must adapt itself along the way along with the joint work concerning the developing and changing needs of the organization, considering changes in the world of communications and the business arena in which the organization operates.
The attention of the media in a small country like ours is a very limited resource that many factors with different and diverse interests struggle to obtain.
Only with the help of proper and appropriate strategic planning and professional guidance, will your organization have a realistic opportunity to gain the maximum, and at the same most accurate, media attention that your organization deserves.

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