Who are the Top PR Agencies in Israel

Who are the Top PR Agencies in Israel

Although the concept of the best can sometimes be subjective it’s always nice to hear what others think and how they rate the industry leaders. In Israel there are great PR agencies however, this list does not include all of them. In fact, it would be way too confusing to discuss everyone. That’s why we chose to discuss the ones that are more well-known and familiar to most people.

The critical factor is finding the right PR agency (or PR agent), that you feel that can cater to your needs the best. For more about this, read our blog on how to find the best PR Agency in Israel.

Below we compiled a list of our top 5 PR agencies in Israel. Keep reading to learn more about them all and see if anyone of them might be right for you.

Galai – Galai Communications

This agency collaborates with leaders in the business world, especially from the high-tech sector. They work with big players, such as Wix, Fiverr, Stratasys, Mellanox, and more.

Their forte is to identify market trends and help their clients establish relationships based on trust in Israel and international markets, such as Europe, China, North, and South America.


Fleisher Communications

Their objective as a PR Agency is to provide their clients with strategic consulting services and bring them to the forefront of the Israeli market. They work with Israeli and international clients from the financial industry, Insurance, Government, High-Tech, Biotech, Tourism and more. Their main services include public relations, digital communication and spokesmanship.



ETUN allows smaller-sized businesses to benefit from their 14-years of experience working with more prominent companies in Israel and around the world. They offer a fusion of PR and marketing services to help companies better reach their target audience. Besides this, they also have an edge in marketing management including developing a brand’s image, congresses, public relations services, advertisements, organizing events and seminars.



This PR Agency is located in Jerusalem and is considered one of the more established ones in Israel. It was founded in 1996 by Pini Cabessa, a former communications consultant at the Foreign Ministry and the Israeli parliament (the Knesset).

They serve companies, organizations, and leading institutions in the fields of economics, public relations, the business sector, public real estate companies, lawyers, health and medicine, in the education sector including high schools, colleges and all other forms of higher education institutions.

Some of the many services that they provide include ongoing contact with media and news platforms, planning of conferences and events, newspaper production for customers and employees. They also offer training programs for employees in the fields of public relations, publicity, and communication. Among those courses’ participants are Knesset members, parliamentary assistants, managers, spokespersons of authorities and institutions, public relations agency owners, and more.



Ran Rahav Communications & PR

Ran Rahav established the Ran Rahav Group in 1991. The group consists of two main offices: PR Agency and a digital media division – Rahav Media.

With over 30 years of experience, Ran Rahav is considered the leading PR Agency in Israel and provides PR consultation to the top companies in the Israeli market from a wide range of industries including real estate, finance, stock market, tourism, travel, the airline industry, media, fashion, design, technology, high-tech, commerce, and more.

Rahav’s PR agency works hard to maintain its leading status by being up to date with current media and communication trends, including online and social media. They accomplish this by providing a marketing presence for brands, online campaigns, create audiences and followers for top brands and more.