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rani's updates

Bahrain’s Independence Day was celebrated in Israel for the first time

15/12/2021 21:20

Bahrain’s Independence Day was celebrated in Israel for the first time by the Bahraini ambassador to Israel, Khaled Yousef al-Jalahmah. It was very exciting. Who would have believed that such a miracle would happen and that a peace agreement would be signed with this lovely Muslim state. The credit goes to former prime minister Netanyahu. These six peace agreements are his, and it’s great that the current government fulfills that peace. I am full of hope that Prime Minister Bennet will continue the peace momentum and sign peace agreements with more countries, including an agreement with the Palestinian people. Among the guests of honor were the Minister of Housing Ze’ev Elkin, Minister of Agriculture Oded Forer and Mayor of Ramat Gan Carmel Shama Hacohen. The ambassador made an especially moving speech and said, among other things: “You shall go to your homes tonight, and think about one thing – a better future!”

רן רהב, מר סטיבן הרפר,מר בנימין נתניהו ואשתו שרה.

Former Canadian Prime Minister's Visit

20/12/2020 14:40

Hila Rahav and the Honorary Consul of the Marshall Islands, Ran Rahav, hosted for lunch at their residence: the former Prime Minister of Canada and a true friend of Israel, Mr. Stephen Harper, together with the Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara.

The synagogue renovated

24/07/2020 10:40

The synagogue that Hila and I renovated in the Hatikva neighborhood in memory of my uncle Menashe Avnon, who died during the Six Day War. And the memory of my grandparents who lived in Negba 6 Yad Eliyahu. From there, you had an alley straight to the Hatikva neighborhood to the only Ashkenazi synagogue. I would visit my grandparents every Friday and which connected me to the mizrachi stream in my life.