Rahav Communications Group announces the opening of a special department for cyber defensive and offensive communications in the business world in general and social networks in particular

The group, founded by Ran Rahav, signed representation agreements in Israel with 3 leading companies in the field:

  • Rahav Communications has signed a representation agreement in Israel with the global giant in the offensive and defensive cyber OTT
  • Rahav Communications signed a representation agreement in Israel with the ITY organization that specializes in managing complex crises and high profile -business disputes
  • Rahav Investor Relations has signed a representation agreement in Israel and strategic cooperation with ARX – the data machine for the capital market and public companies

The Rahav Communication Group is expanding its services in the world of communication and social media and is currently opening a special department for cyber defensive and offensive communication in the business world in general and social networks in particular. In this framework, she signed 3 representation agreements in Israel, the first with the global company OTT, which deals in real-time reputation management all over the world in general and in the field of offensive and defensive cyber in particular, the second with the organization ITY which specializes in managing complex crises and high profile business disputes and the third with ARX which specializes in data and strategy accessibility for public companies.

As part of the collaboration with OTT, for the first time Rahav Communications will handle crises that are not necessarily related to its regular customers and will provide an offensive and defensive cyber communication service to private individuals, business companies, states and governments and candidates for elections in Israel and around the world, downloading content from any source in the world and aggressive organic marketing services to the general public.

Ran Rahav, chairman of Rahav Communications: "The agreement with OTT will allow Rahav Communications to provide advanced services at an international global level, in order to meet the standards of the global media 2024/2030. The Rahav Communications Group will provide the service both to customers of Rahav Communications who are interested in it and to customers subject to the crisis Personal or business attacks. As the largest company in Israel, it is our duty to bring this innovation and news to Israel for the benefit of our customers."

Rahav also added: "Due to confidentiality, I will handle the issue of cyber services myself, personally, in front of the OTT company."

Rahav Communications also signed a representation agreement in Israel with ITY, which specializes in managing complex crises and high-profile business disputes. The organization operates an operational intelligence arm that plans and carries out complex surgical operations in Israel and around the world in order to achieve significant strategic advantages for its clients. Among the employees at IDY are veterans of the security forces and the intelligence community, and its activities, as well as its list of clients (including countries, international companies, public companies and public figures) are kept under extremely high classification.

Rahav Communications Group also announces the expansion of the value proposition of the group's investor relations field through strategic cooperation with the Israeli branch of ARX. The company will provide public customers with ARX's advanced monitoring, targeting, and targeting services.

Rahav Investor Relations, under the management of Hadas Friedman-Zick, will adapt advanced data solutions to its clients through the unique integrated value proposition. The company's clients will benefit from unprecedented access to constant monitoring of the conversation about the company and the stock in all investor groups in Israel, the websites and the relevant channels and will benefit from more extensive exposure in these groups.

Customers will be exposed to data that emerges from the capital market narrative about their activities and will be able to benefit from targeting services for strategic target audiences: institutions and thousands of private investors.

"We believe that ARX's solutions and unique approach will help our clients create a new dialogue with the market," said Ran Rahav, "and this is with the aim of expanding and making more precise the measurement and creation of a factual, reliable and transparent dialogue with the institutions and private investors."

"The Rahav Communications Group is home to the highest quality clients in Israel," said Rotem Gantz, CEO of ARX, "Our Israeli branch is proud to expand its services to the audience of listed companies in Israel, and to provide measurable and immediate data to listed companies that have difficulty understanding the challenges that the modern capital market poses to them and reaching their audiences The relevant target. Data and strategy will help in understanding the narrative that the capital market presents to the public companies, while using advanced tools to deepen the understanding of the client's activity and its quality."

The ARX company, which was established several years ago by Rotem Gantz and Yehuda Liebler, serial entrepreneurs from the 8200 units and a spokesman for the IDF, specializes in making data and strategy accessible and works with companies traded in the United States, Canada, and Germany. Now, following the collaboration with Rahav Investor Relations, it will expand its activities to Israel.