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Rahav Media – It Takes One to Compete, It Takes A TEAM to Win
Meet Rahav Media, the digital outlet of Rahav Communications – We are your digital managers!

To win the PR race, you also need a team to manage all aspects of digital activities in an ideal & professional manner. With Rahav Media you can be certain on your path to success.

With over a decade of experience in managing high-profile clients, brands, campaigns and digital activities we have the necessary experience and skills in order to manage your digital activities and messages in the best way possible.

Rahav Media uses “all inclusive” solutions for any and every digital need. We always keep an eye open on the path ahead in order to be on top of developments, technological breakthroughs and new possibilities that enable us to win, for you.

Amongst our services:

Digital Marketing:

  • Social management of all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Tik Tok, Clubhouse and more), including Inbox and user relations management.
  • Pay Per Click, funded advertising on all platforms. Used in order to induc brand growth & awareness, as well as sale campaigns and lead generation.
  • Website Creation, landing page creation, with optimal loading times, content, SEO and everything needed to make your website perfect.
  • Newsletters, reports, company messages, and everything you might require in order to take your company to the next level.

Brand Management:

  • Building your brand’s visual & textual language in order to convey the brand’s messages and culture.
  • Digital PR: as part of the largest and most successful PR firm, Rahav Communications, we are willing and more-than-able to manage outgoing messaging, lay out a PR program and take advantage of our parent-company in order to gain PR success within the digital platforms and even in the traditional media.
  • Customer behavior analysis, in order to adapt and gain insights on the branding, the communicational moves we made and more. This analysis also helps with preventing and managing a potential crisis, before it detonates.

Content & Magic:

  • Graphic Design – Rahav Media is proud of making some of the best looking images and websites online today. We are always enthusiastic about making something prettier, more complex and in a way simpler – all in order to catch the eyes of the public.
  • Designs & copyright for social platforms, organic content creation, branding moves and micro campaigns.
  • Influencer Campaigns – Harnessing the star power of Israel’s most wanted, most known personnel in order to achieve major KPI’s.
  • Concept Videos, Concept Production – everything that is needed from start to finish in order to showcase the brand in the best way possible.
  • Podcasts – from start to finish, in the most comfortable and inexpensive fashion. We can get you on track with the world’s leading firms with your very own Podcast! Ask us about it.

4 Berkovitch St. Tel Aviv

The Museum Tower, zip code: 64238

Fax: 03-7188556

רחוב ברקוביץ’ 4 תל אביב

מגדל המוזיאון, מיקוד: 64238

פקס: 03-7188556