Rahav Media – we specialize in social media management and our goal is to make your business relevant, interesting and creative on social networks! As the subsidiary of the largest and most successful PR office in the country, we offer correct and unique solutions for your business. With the help of our professional social media team who know the world of social networks well and live it, we will lead you together to promote the business by connecting correctly to the target audiences and creating an impactful interaction on those audiences.
We manage pages on all social networks today such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, X (Twitter) and more..

Together we will build a correct strategy for you and create creative and relevant content!

the way to success:

  • Building a content strategy – A content strategy for social media is a key to success in the ongoing world of digital competition. While it includes the creation of unique and interesting content, it also focuses on understanding the needs and viewing habits of the target audience, and allows the business to function effectively and with a distinct stability in its field. With the excess of content on social networks, getting exposure and orientation in front of the right audience becomes essential, therefore building a content strategy is not only important, but also one of the key tools for brand success in the digital age.
  • Management of all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Tik Tok), including responding to inboxes.
  • Sponsored advertising/PPC is a powerful tool that allows businesses to advance in the digital world and reach the exact target audience. With the help of accurate measurement of the results of the ads/posts, it is possible to adjust the strategy and influence the maximum benefit from any amount invested. The ability to create funded and precise campaigns allows you to ensure that your advertisement appears in front of exactly the right audience for you at the right time, thus increasing the interest and engagement of your potential customers.

Brand management:
Brand management is divided into three levels:

1. Management and monitoring-
Brand management in social media begins with creating accurate plans for the target audience. Continues to monitor, analyze data and measure efficiency that allows us to understand the conduct of the business on social networks and improve it according to the data.

2. Creative-
Content is king!, creating engaging and interesting content is the cornerstone of success for brand management in social media. Tools such as photos, video, posts, stories, releases, etc. can convey the brand’s message in a creative and impressive way.
Quality and accurate content leads to higher engagement and can improve the awareness of the business among the target audience.

3. Sponsored advertising and strategy-
Sponsored advertising on social networks allows you to reach the target audience accurately and efficiently. With the help of creative PPC strategies we can focus on an audience that is interested in the product or service of the business and invest the exact resources to achieve even faster and more efficient results. This way we can ensure that the business’s advertisements reach exactly the right destination and influence the audience’s interest and action.

The Dream Team

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