Crisis Management

It’s all about the way you look at a situation

Crisis Breakout and Handling

In the twenty-first century, with social networks becoming a powerful and leading communication tool and every client being a kind of journalist, almost no organization will avoid a communication crisis that can cause significant damage.
In recent years there is an understanding that proper communication management during a crisis helps an organization minimize its damages and even, in some cases, turns the crisis outcomes positive for it and helps it grow and expand.
A communication crisis can break out for many reasons, from inappropriate expression or behavior of a manager in an organization, negligence of a service provider in an organization, to a regular employee going astray and behaving inappropriately.
Handling a communication crisis includes several steps necessary to gain control over the crisis so that we can manage it and not the other way around.
A crisis is an integral part of the life of any brand/company and therefore also of public relations. It is very important to know how to manage a crisis at the right time immediately, to “take control” of it, while minimizing damage and harm to the good name of the person or organization, sometimes even taking advantages of the situation.
A communication strategy during crisis management must be completely transparent, truthful and accountable. The immediate response of the company is what will largely determine the survival of the company after the crisis.
Crises usually break out without ability to prepare for them in advance, but there is no doubt that preparing a crisis procedure and rehearsing it helps the company deal with the event in real time.
Sometimes, in addition to directly dealing with the causes of the crisis, its implications, learning and drawing the necessary conclusions, after its end there is also a need for intensive public relations activity, among other things to rebuild public trust in the organization.

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