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Our firm has specialized for 25 years in being the spokespersons of organizations, companies, brands and their senior management in the spokesperson’s work. The spokesperson actually connects the company and the various media outlets, from the traditional media to the media in the social media.

What is spokespersonship?

The work of the spokesperson at its center is to convey the exact, official messages of the company to the media. The speaker is actually the microphone or speaker of the person or company he or she represents. At the same time he is also the representative of the company or represented for the media that addresses him.

What is the difference between spokespersonship and public relations?

Spokespersonship, unlike public relations work, used to be a tool that professionally connects the media to the represented, but in recent years public speaking has developed and became even more professional and very significant, sometimes very critical, and synergistically connected to public relations work. This is when the speaker serves as a tool of public relations, and has the power and professional ability to convey the messages of the company / represented, and his ability to promote the interests of the company / represented within a complete marketing & branding strategy.

A different kind of spokespersonship with Rahav Communications

As spokespersons for hundreds of companies, brands and their representatives throughout our decades of experience, we specialize in the professional representation of each, creating expertise for each company and brand representative, small and large, receiving the full stage, 24/7 365 days support and 360 degrees in all areas of the company.

With each of our clients we create and build a professional system built from the precise and in-depth professional expertise of knowing the field of work of each represented, building the trust needed to fulfill this role with integrity and professionalism, believing that each represented is part of us and we are part of it.

The spokesperson’s work is varied and can have many faces, that relate to different extents. There are cases where the speaker is the face of the represented company, and through it the media receives information and is assisted in obtaining the information it needs. The role of the speaker is tailored to each company according to its needs, according to its human capital and its goals. There are companies in which the speaker does not serve as the face of the company but is the one who builds the media moves and outlines the way the company speaks and tells its story.

In times of crisis the role of the speaker is very significant, and the speaker is the protective fortress of the company / represented. The speaker holds a complex role that represents the media versus the company, and the company versus the media. As the speaker, she is the one who can defend the company represented by its goals and interests, while fully recognizing and professionally specializing in the relevant field of communication. This synergy is necessary in times of crisis, and is the professional buffer needed to manage the crisis in front of the public and in front of the media.

What is a spokesperson?

The best way is to see the speaker’s role as a writer, sometimes he is a shadow writer and sometimes he is the one at the front of the screen, sometimes only his voice is heard and his face will not be seen, and sometimes only the words he has embroidered will be read and heard. He is the one who tells the story. The speaker is the voice that is heard, for all that that implies. The story itself is yours: the story of society, of the person who represents it, of doing, of the goals and places we want to reach.

Like a writer in his work, the speaker is the human figure who represents the society or represented. A connection that is necessary in an age where trust and professionalism and deep expertise in every field are required.

We at Ran Rahav Communications have been speakers for decades running successfully, this article is based on years of experience, hard work and dedication. Should the need arise – Rahav Communications will help you.

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