Ran Rahav

Ran (Rani) Rahav is the owner and active chairman of the “Rahav Communications” group, since its establishment in 1991. In 2007, Rahav accepted the request of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and began serving as Honorary Consul of the Marshall Islands, a position in which Rahav has held ever since. Rahav was born and grew up in Ramat Gan. In the IDF he served as an education officer in the Air Force.
After his release from the IDF, at the age of 22, Rahav was appointed the director of public relations and entertainment for the “Dan Panorama” hotel in Tel Aviv. At the age of 23, Rahav was appointed the spokesperson for the entire “Dan Hotels” chain of the Federman family, a position that Rahav holds to this day.
In 1991, Rahab founded the “Rahab Communications” group in partnership with the international businessman, Baruch Ivcher, from Lima, Peru. In addition to being a successful businessman, Mr. Ivcher is one of the greatest human rights fighters in Peru and the defender of democracy in his country. Mr. Ivcher is an enthusiastic supporter of the OMC association (Citizens for Good Administration and Social and Legal Justice).
After several years, Mr. Ivcher gave Rahav his 50 percent as a gift and Ran Rahav became the full owner of the group. Baruch Ivcher helped build the Interdisciplinary Center in the beginning through the donation of the Ivcher Auditorium. Later, thanks to his generous donation, the School of Psychology at the Interdisciplinary Herzliya was named after him – ‘Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology. Recently, Mr. Ivcher R donated 25 million NIS to the Beit Lisin Theater, and the theater changed its name to “Beit Lisin Theater after Baruch Ivcher”.
Over the years, Ran Rahab has served as an advisor to Israeli Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers and members of the Israeli Parliament in a completely discreet manner. He was also a secret advisor to the legendary Prime Minister, the late Yitzhak Rabin. On February 23, 1996, a comprehensive article was published in the newspaper “Yediot Ahronoth” about Rahav’s close relationship with the murdered Prime Minister.
Ran Rahab is ranked every year by the Israeli media as one of the figures who influence the media in Israel – he has a powerful relationship with the business community and with the leaders of public opinion in Israel. Often, Rani, together with his wife Hila Rahav, who serves as the CEO of Rahav Communications and the chairman of the Association of Friends of the Beit Lisin Theater named after Baruch Ivcher, open their home in Savion for charity, social, cultural and heart-to-heart events between the Jewish public, The Palestinian and the Christian.
In his free time, Rani likes to cook, take care of his garden and meet his close friends.